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Boating Survival Guide 

Australia and boating go hand in hand. And it’s no wonder, really. Aside from being surrounded by water, we have an abundance of protected bays, inlets, great rivers, inland lakes and dams that are all waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Boating can open up whole new worlds and can take you places that are not otherwise accessible. Boating is also the gateway to a wide range of activities including fishing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, diving and cruising.
So what are you waiting for? Start your boating adventures with this book, whether you’re just looking at buying your first boat or you’re an experienced boatie. Written by boating instructor Doug King, Boating Survival Guide includes hints, checklists, photos, case studies and examples that will easily take you from theory to practice on the water.

Doug King worked for the Victoria Water Police for 11 years, including three years as a training officer. He went on to become a powerboat training coordinator on the Yachting Victoria Training Committee, and ran courses under the National Powerboat Handling Scheme. Since then Doug has delivered boating training to thousands of people and has become a Senior Powerboat Instructor with Boating Victoria and Yachting Australia. He’s written boating articles for a range of boating and fishing publications, and can be seen presenting safety tips on the popular television show River to Reef, which is broadcast in Australia on Foxtel and in 40 countries across Asia.

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